New Facebook page – Sharing Botanicals :o)

I have started a new Facebook group page for my classes.  Many of you have asked for a place to share you work and be able to ask questions when you feel stuck between sessions.  So I’m going to try the Facebook forum and see how it goes.  It is for student’s in my classes only….it is a place to share with me and with fellow classmates between classes.  So for those of you who are on Facebook search for the group page “Sharing Botanicals”and join us.  I will visit the site frequently and try to help out with helpful hints and tips.  You can also enjoy each other’s work and questions.  Have fun and be inspired.

I will also be share things I am working on during the summer break and beyond :0)  I will still continue to post all updates on my website as well.

Those of you who are already on Facebook I took the liberty of inviting you into the group….you can delete your invitation if you don’t want to be part of the group…no worries :0)

I hope the rains have finally ended……phew…..what week!

I am working on a giant strawberry inspired by a website I think you will all enjoy! it is by a talented botanical artists Anna Mason.  She has many wonderful videos on technique…enjoy 🙂

Here’s my first attempt at a video….a little shaky and blurry but fun! 

New session…..

The final session before our Summer break begins this coming week,  April 23rd- May 31st.  For details go to the Classes section at the top this page.  This summer we will meet at Kitchawan Farm for nature journaling. There will also be a three day Water Color Workshop using a limited pallet….I will announce the dates of this Workshop in the next few weeks.

Enjoy the lovely days of Spring after such a long long winter!

Star Magnolia
Star Magnolia

Watercolor Workshop a success :)

The workshop went well….lots of color theory and learning how to work with the medium while using a limited pallet.  I hope to run this workshop again in June and a second follow-up workshop where we can apply what has been learned to subjects.  Thanks everyone for coming!

watercolor color wheel


“This color wheel is not my own but from an unnamed internet source.”

Watercolor workshop…it’s official!

I will be giving a workshop in beginning watercolor techniques. There are no prerequisites required to take this workshop. It will be on Saturday the 12th of January from 10am-3pm…bring lunch. The workshop will try to take the mystery out of basic watercolor techniques that will allow you to play with color and techniques that you can apply to your future watercolors.

I will supply the watercolor paper and paints.  The cost of the workshop include the paper and paints. The workshop will be $75.00 for the day.  If there is bad weather we will move the workshop to another Saturday in January.

You will be responsible for your own watercolor brushes, a pallet for mixing colors and a weekly pill container (weird but useful for holding your squishes of paints I will give you =o) Also bring a plain white plate for mixing colors.  You can order these brushes and pallet at (click on images to enlarge them).brushes listpill box
Watercolor daisy pallet