Saturday class cancelled this week….

There will be a Veteran’s Celebration this Saturday at Lasdon so our final Saturday class will held on Saturday June 7th.  If any of you want to take you paintings home please pick them up between now and June 7th :O)

Thank you all for a wonderful show…you should all be so proud!!!!

Here comes Summer…I will be posting dates for nature journaling at Kitchawan Farm soon :O)

Cosmos at Kitchawan
Cosmos at Kitchawan

Welcoming Fall at Kitchawan Farm

A lovely afternoon and evening at the farm yesterday!  The student art work was hung like handkerchiefs in the low sun of the afternoon.  The weather was perfect….a beautiful day :O)

Crabapples and blue sky...
Crabapples and blue sky…
two wee fairies came to the festival...
two wee fairies came to the festival…
art hanging in the breeze
art hanging in the breeze
lovely laundry :O)
Cape Gooseberries, apples and tea made from herbs in the garden.....
Cape Gooseberries, apples and tea made from herbs in the garden…..
art in the sun…
lovely little show!
lovely little show!
The Stuga...
The Stuga…
Beautiful barns!
Beautiful barns!



Sorry for the last minute notice….

If any of you are planning to stay for the dinner and music part after the art show (4pm) and sale at the Stuga, it’s necessary to pre-register/RSVP because there is only room for 40 people total in the hayloft.  Please go to the farm site and pre-register if you are making a day of it so LInsay can be sure there is room for all :O)  Scroll down the page to find the RSVP link:

 a quick drawing of mine of echinacea and butterflies....
a quick drawing of mine ~ echinacea and butterflies….


My family ♡

Andrew, Ben, Devy and I had a wonderful time at The Cape.  The weather was beautiful and the beaches were pure heaven.  I can still hear the surf…

Not for reproduction ® Laura Gould
Not for reproduction © Laura Gould

Don’t forget the Fall festivities at Kitchawan Farm this Saturday from 4-8pm….everyone is welcome!

The art from the summer workshop will be on display for all to enjoy.  There will be plants for sale, local crafts, food and music.  It is suppose to be a beautiful afternoon…..come and enjoy :O)

Summer’s end…..

Time for a Fall festival.  Our friend Linsay the owner and keeper of Kitchawan Farm is having a gathering of friends on September 28th. from 4-8pm. There will be music and friends enjoying the farm in a celebration of a lovely Summer and welcoming the Fall.  The art show and some crafts will begin at 4 so if you want to be sure to see everything on display please come early in the festivities… are welcome to stay as long as you like :O)

For those who participated in the Summer Sketch Workshops please bring  drawings to the farm by September 21st. You can also bring your drawings to the first week of classes in Pound Ridge (Sept.25-28th).  There will be an envelope in the Stuga where you can put your drawings.  Linsay has kindly offered to take the drawings into her home at the end of the day for safe keeping.  Your lovely drawings will be shown during the festival and those who would like to sell their sketches please indicate the price you would like to have on your sketches.  The range of pricing is from $5.00 – $25.00, half of  the price of your drawings will go to Kitchawan Farm :O)

Looking forward to seeing all your drawings and enjoying an afternoon at Kitchawan Farm.  If you didn’t participate in the workshop you are still welcome to come to the farm and see what we have been up to.  Everyone please feel free to bring friends and family!

Directions  –

the garden gate
the garden gate

Tomorrow last day at the farm….

We have had a wonderful time at the farm this summer. Tomorrow is our last morning and it is suppose to be a beautiful morning :0)

If I don’t see you tomorrow  enjoy the rest of your summer!  I’ll let those of you who have drawings know when you can drop off your pieces at the farm for our little art show.  It will be near the end of August :O)  If you want to sell copies of your art work please make copies on acid free paper 90lb. weight or above…nice card stock is fine.  You can make duplicates to be sold as well……


Yesterday was a gift…..

What spectacular weather we had on the farm yesterday.  It was breezy and sunny, the flowers are really bursting now!  Hope for more lovely weather next week!  Since this recent Tuesday was a make up we will be meeting next week as planned in the original schedule (August 6th).  If enough people would like to do an extra Tuesday on August 13th let me know by emailing me….it there is enough interest I’ll extend it one more week :O)

Finally sun!

We made it to the farm this past Tuesday and will be going again this coming Tuesday (June 25th from 9-noon).  After this Tuesday we will go back to every other Tuesday.  Linsay has kindly offered to allow people to stay and draw as long as they like after the class has finished….so if you think you want to make more of a day of it bring some lunch :O)

The farm is already bursting with lovely veggies and flowers…a little piece of heaven.

Garlic scapes
Roses and clematis boarder the garden gate
Manx kitty hunting on top of rock
A great use for a rusty wheelbarrow
Veggies and blossoms a little piece of heaven