A break in the deep freeze :O)

I trust everyone is warm in their homes…maybe of cabin fever setting in.  I was at the vet a few days ago and there was a whole family there with their dogs.  The mother said they decided to make a family outing of the vet visit because they were going a bit nuts after staying inside for so many days 🙂

So now to class business…  Things are changing this year.  Lasdon Arboretum can only give us one day a week because increased demand on the house.  We will be beginning our class on Thursday, January 25th from 1-4pm.  There will be three 6 week sessions.

Thursday class will include all levels of students and we may be welcoming one or two beginners into the fold 🙂

Please see “Classes” in the menu for details.

I am working on some other solutions to expand class days but as of now we will be having a more limited schedule.  Because of this limited schedule makeups will not be possible.

Warm wishes to all in the new year!!!

Winter Walk baxter road ©

“Winter Walk” oil on paper



Winter break coming……

Time for a break this January ❄️ Classes will begin again in early February.  I will post class times in the next few weeks.  Enjoy a wintery break with friends and family and recovering from holidays and beginning the new year.

Wishing everyone all the blessings of the holiday season and a very merry Christmas 🎄


Snow Day


Here comes the holidays…ho ho ho!

I have found a space for a four week session at Muscoot Farm in the month of January.  The class will take place on the four Thursdays in January from 10am-1pm.  If you are interested in taking the class please let me know so I can commit to the space.  I need a minimum of 5 students for the class to take place 🙂  Please contact me via email by Monday to let me know if you are attending.  Four Thursday classes in January $175.00. Because this class runs for only one day each week it is not a class that is useful to use your makeups classes.  Everyone is welcome to carry their makeup classes forward to future sessions where there are extra class times to choose from 🙂

wreath snow

Merry Christmas and Joyous Holidays to all! 🎄🎅🏻🎄




Jump into fear….you might surprise yourself :O)

Where do you feel the most uncomfortable?  For me painting a portrait of my son was the largest fear. What if I did a horrible job?  What if I couldn’t capture his spirit?  What if I tried and failed?  What if I didn’t try?  What if I never tried?

The week of Graham’s birthday I thought I would do a line painting of his image….something simple…not too complicated.  Before I knew it I began putting down touches of paint and little by little Graham’s face started to emerge from the canvas.  Over the next 5 days his image disappeared and reappeared in the paint many times.  The day after his birthday I decided it was finished.

Something  happened by spending so many hours trying to capture his image….the gift was spending time with him….hours and hours of time together…a wonderful gift. We lost Graham in 2003 but his bright spirit continues to be part of our lives.

The lesson is to try and try and try….and if you fail….try again….with each try and with each failure you will grow and you will get closer to your intention.  Someday you may surprise yourself :O)

Graham's birthday portrait 2017


Embracing failure….

As many of you know I have picked up my oil paints after many years of leaving them behind.  Over the last year and a half I decided to revisit my once favorite medium.  I also quite madly decided to do this outside!  I love painting and painting the world that fills my day.  My center of peace is walking my dogs…it clears my head and fills my heart so it is a natural extension to paint the fields that surround me.

After years of working in watercolor and mastering the technique (always working on improvement) this is a whole new world of success and failure. Sometimes I swear I hear my paint tubes mocking me 🙃  I have learned to embrace my failures as much as my successes…they are my teachers.

I have learned that each painting is a stepping stone to the next painting…each painting teaches what not to do on the next painting 😉  If my painting works I feel happiness and if it is a mess I embrace the mess and learn from it…it will help me to be better.  I come to each blank canvas without expectation…I come to learn and to see where it takes me…it is very freeing to enjoy the effort and see where it leads.

Next week classes begin.  I hope that with these lessons I have learned from my own work to help students not to be frustrated that every painting will not be a masterpiece but that each painting gets you closer to what you hope to achieve.  Failure is a wonderful teacher…..take the lesson it offers and move forward ❤️

Early morning at the farm

Hilltop Hanover Farm 


Fall classes at Ward Pound Ridge :O)

We had a wonderful week on Cape Cod….never disappoints 🙂  I hope everyone had a good summer with all it offers.  Now the beautiful crisp days of Autumn are not far away 🍂🍁🍂

Looking forward to classes at Ward Pound Ridge Reserve!  We will meet on Thursdays from 1-4pm and Saturdays from 10-1pm.  Please go to the “Classes” section for details.  Email me at  lauragould@mac.com with any questions.

Please note that there is no Wednesday class this session…classes must have a minimum of 3 students to go forward.

Start thinking about what you want to do….a series….small works….a large involved piece….sky’s the limit 🙂

See you all soon!!!!


Low tide with my family ❤️

New this Fall 🍁👩‍🎨🍁


🍁 New this Fall 🍁  Plein Air painting for beginners, offering private sessions or small groups.  Sessions are weather dependent. We will be painting in the beautiful changing season that surrounds us.  Classes will be offered on Monday and Tuesday mornings. Make your own lesson plan…three in a row, returning to your painting for three mornings or once a week for three weeks…it’s up to you. You will start at the beginning 🙂 learning how to create a composition, mix your paints, how to use your brushes and get started!

Each session is three hours.  The price varies depending on the package chosen.

Single Private Session with easel, paints and canvas supplied – $75.00

Single Private Session with your own equipment and supplies – $50.00

Private three day sessions with paints, easel and canvas supplied $175.00

Private three day sessions with your own supplies $150.00

Semi private group (2-3 people) with equipment supplied $45.00 per session or 125.00 for a group of 3 sessions.

Semi private group (2-3 people) with your own supplies $35.00 per session or $100 for a group of 3 sessions.

Please contact me with any questions:  lauragould@mac,com

When new things happen…..

This summer I have been trying to challenge myself each time I step in front of my easel, either in my studio or outdoors.  One very extraordinary  moment was when I went to a moonlight painting event at Weir Farm guided by Dmitri Wright.  I went in with no expectations but looking for a new opportunity.

What I am doing this summer is to step out of my comfort zone, to be willing to make a mess, to make mistakes, to return home with nothing worth keeping but great lessons learned from each painting.  With each failure I learn what not to do the next time…failure is a great teacher…it is where we grow 🙂

My first moonlight painting makes me extremely happy…it pushed me into deep colors and to paint faster than ever as night set in and colors began to distort…form and light became magical.

Nocturn paintings have a long tradition in plein air and with the impressionists…one we all know very well is “Starry Night” by Van Gogh. Enjoy this great article from Plein Air Magazine on night painting http://www.outdoorpainter.com/is-plein-air-in-moonlight-possible/


My first moonlight painting © laura gould

What! August already?

It’s the last month of summer and I’m making a few promises to myself…paint paint paint  and then paint some more.  Every Wednesday I am painting side by side with mu friend and student Lynda…below is my most recent painting with cows. I think I’m developing  a serious crush on cows!  Last but not least I may try to begin a new accordion nature journal with Weir Farm as my subject.

So now the challenge is to accomplish these promises to myself while walking doggies, doing day to day errands, eating and sleeping!  I’ll let you know how it goes….maybe I’ll get at least half of it done by summer’s end 😉

Enjoy the remaining days of summer…fill them with things you love ❤️


Summer Cows – Small oil painting on panel 8″x 8″