Time to move along :O)

We have had several lovely weeks at Vickie’s garden.  This Thursday we will go to Weir Farm in Ridgefield NY.  Weir Farm is a lovely place dedicated to the arts through it’s history and through it’s continued support of the arts.  We will meet from 10-1pm.  There are gardens, beautiful historic homes and barns and lots of lovely open land. Beautiful old growth trees provide lots of shade.  Go to this link for directions and information.  https://www.nps.gov/wefa/index.htm  A minimum of three people required, please let me know in advance of the class if you are attending.

Thank you Vickie for the use of your beautiful garden and thanks to all who came to fill your journals 🙂

July 4th already! :O)

We will be having our last Thursday Nature Journaling session at Vickie’s garden this coming week (July 6th)  🙂

We will travel to a few new spots for the month of July. We will go to Weir Farm in Ridgefield CT then Katonah, NY full of lovely homes and town scenes, and last but not least Lasdon Arboretum for all it’s beautiful trees and the completed conservatory!  A minimum of 3 people must attend for the sessions to run.  $15.00 per session  10am-1pm

Weir Farm, CT  July 13th https://www.nps.gov/wefa/index.htm

Katonah, NY July 20th (we will meet in from of the library)

Lasdon Arboretum, Somers, NY July27th (we will meet at the conservatory)

~🌻~ ~🌻~ ~🌻~ ~🌻~ ~🌻~ ~🌻~~🌻~ ~🌻~ ~🌻~ ~🌻~ ~🌻~ ~🌻~~🌻~

Plein air painting lessons will continue to be offered through July 🙂  There is space available to join a small group on Wednesdays or Saturdays as well as private lessons. Groups consist of 2-3 people, beginners new to oils are welcome.

Semi private group (2-3 people) with equipment supplied $45.00 per session or 125.00 for a group of 3 sessions.

Semi private group (2-3 people) with your own supplies $35.00 per session or $100 for a group of 3 sessions.

Please contact me via email lauragould@mac.com with any questions about summer workshops or lessons.


Summer days :O)

Nature Journaling and Plein Air Painting are filling the days 🙂

Because of some generous friends and students I now have enough Plein Air kits to offer a small group option.  I will begin offering small group workshops for the month of July.  Workshops will be in the mornings or afternoons when the light is best.  There are enough kits for 2-3 people per session. The group session will be $50.00 per session with all supplies included.  Private sessions will continue to be available for $75.00 per session.

Vickie's garden 2017

Foxgloves in Vickie’s garden, Plein Air demonstration

A beautiful day :O)

The sun finally came out just in time for our first one on one plein air painting session!

My friend’s dog Ollie was happy to join us…while we painted in beautiful gardens 🙂

Price options available:

Each session is three hours.  The price varies depending on the package chosen.

Single Private Session with easel, paints and canvas supplied – $75.00

Single Private Session with your own equipment and supplies – $50.00

Private three day sessions with paints, easel and canvas supplied $175.00

Private three day sessions with your own supplies $150.00

Semi private group (2-3 people) with equipment supplied $45.00 per session or 125.00 for a group of 3 sessions.

Semi private group (2-3 people) with your own supplies $35.00 per session or $100 for a group of 3 sessions.



Anyone want to try Plein Air?

This summer I will be offering one on one painting lessons.  We will work side by side at a chosen site and enjoy painting outdoors together.  You will learn how to set up your painting site, how to begin your blank canvas and how to build your painting from start to finish 🙂

You won’t need to worry about supplies…I will supply your equipment, paints and canvas. Just bring yourself, a sun hat, a light camp chair/stool,  water and a snack.

This is a fun way to dip your toe into oil painting without the commitment of purchasing lots of supplies.

A 3 hour session with all supplies included will cost $75.00.  Mornings or afternoons are the best to enjoy light and shadows that can illuminate your painting but any time of day offers something beautiful to paint.  Sessions will be available starting the second week of June-August on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Saturdays mornings will also be available starting in July.

Reserve your spot through my email lauragould@mac.com

Looking forward to seeing you this summer in the great outdoors 🌻🦋🌻


The Grand Opening is almost here…calling all tropical art work :O)

For years the conservatory at Lasdon Arboretum seemed like just a dream.  On June 17th the Conservatory will officially open!  They grounds around the Conservatory are being transformed and everything is coming together 🙂  A percentage of our classes have contributed to the building of the conservatory so we can all be proud!

For information about opening day – http://www.lasdonpark.org/conservatory/ 

Please have your tropical botanical paintings delivered to me at Lasdon by the 10th of June so we can have a nice showing in the main house to support the opening of the conservatory.  All pieces must have picture wire for hanging…no brackets allowed.

Only one more week of classes and we transition to summer…see you at Lasdon 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 7.36.19 AM


Saturday class? :O)

Headcount please 🙂 Who is coming to class tomorrow?  Realizing this is Memorial Day Weekend I just want to know if anyone is showing up 😉   We will be downstairs in the main room.  Email me at lauragould@mac.com

The last class of this session will be this coming Thursday, June 1st and Saturday on the 3rd 🙂

We will begin Nature Journaling in Vickie’s Garden on Thursday June 8th, 15th, 22nd and  29th.


Nature Journaling starting soon :O)


Looking forward to returning to Vickie’s lovely gardens!  Bring you pencils, pens, watercolors, pastels…whatever strikes your fancy!  We will be meeting on the 4 Thursdays in June from 10-1pm at $15.00 per class. Everyone welcome…beginners to advance. (contact me via email for directions or any questions – lauragould@mac.com

I will be giving a demonstration of plein air painting the first week.  Many have asked what I’ve been up to with my return to oils. The best way is to share my equipment, and how I go about painting on location and make even come up with a painting  🙂



Try to bring your own essentials and not load yourself down with lots of weight 🙂

Back pack or bag to carry supplies.

Journal 9×11 or 9×5 journals or in this general size, these journals can be bought at any art store.  Paper should be acid free with heavier paper that accepts watercolor this will allow you more freedom to apply color. You may also use cold press watercolor paper journals for those of you who would like to work with watercolor pencils 🙂

Fine tip marker (micron .005-.01 and 1 are my favorite) there are many fine tips on the market, make sure they are permanent ink. There are also sets of microns available that you can purchase…just be sure that they have some fine points in the set.

Niji Watercolor Brush great for the field if your using watercolor and watercolor pencils. They come in multiple sizes..fine, medium and large…I have one of each 🙂

Drinking water and lunch or a snack.

Camp stool and a hat to shade from the sun.


Pencils (preferably a HB) Mechanical pencils with tiny leads are easy for the field because there is no sharpener needed and bring and eraser if you will be working in graphite.

A small selection of color pencils or watercolor pencils if you want to introduce colors into your studies. A water brush if you would like to create washes or bring a brush and small container of water if you don’t have a Ninji Water Brush.

Watercolor palette of your choice and supplies of your choice 🙂

Some paper towel squares.

Small clear ruler to add to notes about size of your subject.

A magnifying  glass to see details or a loop.

Above all come ready to enjoy your day =)

Classes in June :O) and more….

I will be offering Thursday and Saturday classes in the month of June 🙂 ($175.00 for a 4 week session) Email me if interested 🙂  lauragould@mac.com

We will also be returning to Vickie’s lovely garden and Kitchawan Farm for nature journaling 🙂  Dates will be announced soon.

This summer I will be giving a demonstration of plein air oil painting so you can all get an idea of the process 🌻🌸🌻

IMG_3842Kitchawan Farm

Thanks everyone :O)

We will stay with the same schedule as last session.  Class will be on Thursdays and Saturdays.  No Wednesday class.

I will be offering a drawing workshop for students of all levels, beginners welcome.  Drawing is at the beginning of every successful pieces of art in any medium.  We will begin with the simple egg in soft transitioning values then work on contour line drawings and finally fully realized drawing of a botanical subject.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 7.51.01 AM

Dates posted soon….