Makeup classes and refunds

Refunds, Makeup Policy  and Cancellations

Fees are not refundable or transferable to later sessions after classes have begun. Please feel free to talk to me privately about any circumstances that may arise.


Makeup classes are a courtesy I offer.  Makeup classes can be used within the class session. Makeups may be carried forward into classes that students are enrolled in. Makeup classes cannot be used as credit against payment in future classes.  Please feel free to talk with me if you have any questions.


If I cancel a class for any reason, like weather or illness, I will arrange for a makeup class, if I am unable to arrange a makeup class I will offer a refund or allow a credit to be applied to a future session. 


 If students are aware of classes that will be missed in advance (like a vacation) we can discuss prorating the cost of the class prior to payment.


Sometimes life does happen in the way we intend.  If there are individual complications that arise please feel free to talk with me privately 🙂  My email is



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