Lesson images

Helpful pages for your drawing 1&2 classes (print for your lesson file)

Seeing these pages in class is always useful when trying to learn drawing skills.  I have made copies so you can refer to them at home….you are welcome to print them out and use them for reference only. The drawings are done by me and are copyright protect © the books are listed with their images. Click on images to enlarge.

learning values

value scale

values on forms

celtic heart

celtic heart

overlapping shadows

value changes defining pears

learning leaves

elipses from studentartguide.com

understanding elipses

learning flowers

understanding how to look at a flower

front and back

textures in nature

putting it all together, values, form, overlaps and texture

Color Pencil

print for lessons in color pencil

print for color pencil class

print for color pencil class

Color wheel

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