Dogs, Cats and Critters

My dogs are my anchors, my comfort, my guides, my fiends, my family…. We also have lovely cats that beg to be painted with their jeweled eyes and meditative postures.

So it makes perfect sense that dogs, cats and critters are now part of my art world.  It all began with a memorial painting of a beautiful boxer named Tucker.  Every week Ben, Devy and I walked with our friend Tucker on the hills of North Salem. To honor him I did a painting for his heartbroken owner as a gift.

When I showed my painting of Tucker to friends they started asking me if I would paint their loved pets…what an honor.

So this page is about the animals that I spend time with in my studio and how I try to show their essence, their spirit and find a way to bring them to life for the families that love them.

For information on commissions please contact me at  Watercolor portraits prices range from $150.00-$300.00. Oil paintings are $300-$500. Watercolors and oils can go higher depending on size and content. Estimates will be made on individual commissions, shipping is not included in price.

Woof :O)


Boomerang….watercolor of much loved kitty ❤️


A small oil painting of my Ben…my loving, funny, devoted friend ❤️ 12″x 12″

Ben window gazing snow day

January 26, 2016

After decades of staying away from oils I have decided to venture back in…the new solvents no longer fill the room with toxic fumes and the cleanup is easy.  My faithful Smudge has helped me jump back in to oil paints.  When I went to college in the early 70’s acrylics were all the rage and I left my oils behind.  I never really loved the acrylic paints….I liked their ease and cleanup but the paints never really felt as buttery or as nuanced.  So here we go…come on doggies….it’s watercolor and oils for us 🙂 woof!

This is a small 10″x 10″ painting….of my sweet Smudge ❤️

Smudge © avatar


Devon, our sweetie dachshund ❤️ 6″x 6″ watercolor

Devon Portrait with ©


Phin a Glen of Imaal Terrier (like my Ben) and Zoe are on their way home 🙂


Zoe and is the latest visitor to my studio….a lovely little Norwich Terrier very loved and missed by her mom ❤️ Here she is in process…

Zoe almost finished


My very first watercolor dog is my wonderful buddy Ben a Glen of Imaal Terrier…my funny loving friend that is by me side every day. I am still in the process of painting him but I love seeing him emerge from the page.

Ben watercolor ©.jpg


Tucker a gift to his owner

Tucker © laura gould

This is Max loved and missed by his family…

Max in process1
Max © laura gould

I have enjoyed painting Max very much. I put him in the post yesterday to begin his journey home.  Thanks for spending time with me Max…bon voyage ❤️

Max fini 1

Max © laura gould

Max fini 2

Max ©laura gould

2 thoughts on “Dogs, Cats and Critters

  1. When I looked at your pup portraits I just kept on saying oh…I loved each and every one.

    The drawings of fruit and plants were so beautiful and delicate. Those too were lovely.

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