Trout Lily – Watercolor

🌱☀️🌿Classes in my home and in the field 🌱☀️🌿

This June I will be offering a Wednesday afternoon class.  The class will be 4 weeks from June 5th to June 26th.  All mediums and all levels are welcome to join 🙂 Minimum of 3 students maximum of 6. 

June 5th – June 26th – $180.00 – 4 weeks (12:30-3:30) 

Fundamentals of Drawing (10am-1pm)   This class will teach the building blocks of drawing.  It is for beginners and those with experience who want to continue to polish their skills. Beginning artists will learn how to draw accurately and create dimension through light and shadow, you will also learn perspective and composition.  After learning how to draw in graphite you will progress to color and learn how to use color pencil with lovely results.  Please contact me via email for details. Class size is limited to 5 people and must have a minimum of 3 people to move forward.  For those with pet allergies I do have both cats and dogs in my home.

January 9th – February 13th – $270.00 – 6 weeks (12:30-3:30pm)

February 20th – March 27th – $270.00 – 6 weeks (12:30-3:30pm)

April 3rd – May 8th – $270.00 – 6 weeks (12:30-3:30pm)

Class will resume in the Fall.  

Botanical Art in watercolor, color pencils and graphite.  We will be working with subjects found in nature in the medium of your choice. To participate in this class you need to have the completed the botanical drawing class offered on Wednesday mornings.

January 10th – February 14th – $270.00 – 6 weeks (12:30-3:30pm)

February 21st – March 28th – $270.00 – 6 weeks (12:30-3:30pm)

April 4th – May 9th – $270.00 – 6 weeks (12:30-3:30pm)

Classes will resume in the Fall.

Plein Air Classes – Begin Saturday mornings on June 1st – $270.00 – 6 weeks (10am-1pm) We will be in the field 🙂    If weather does not permit us to be outside we will have class in my home 🙂  All mediums are welcome including oil, watercolor, pastel, pen and ink….etc. 🙂  Locations will be announced week by week.

Nature Journaling will  begin the first Thursday in June. All mediums are welcome…watercolor, color pencil, pen and ink and graphite. Classes will meet in a variety of locations from 10am-1pm. $25.00 per class.    

See supply list ( for details on what you should bring to enjoy the day.  Try to travel light so you do not have to carry lots of heavy supplies.  I will contact people privately with the address of the garden where we will meet in Bedford Hills when class is ready to begin.  Please email me with any questions.

Thursday, June 6th-27th – 9:30-12:30 – $25.00 a day or $60.00 for 3 sessions 

Thursday, July 4th – 25th – 9:30-12:30 – $25.00 a day or $60.00 for 3 sessions

Private lessons are also available at $50.00 per hour.  These are often useful when you want to work on something specific or pay attention to a particular block your trying to work through.

There are no refunds.  If you need to adjust your classes because of vacations this can be prorated at the time of class payment. Make up classes are allowed in available classes as a courtesy but cannot be carried over into other sessions.

Please email me with any questions.

All classes must have a minimum of 3 people enrolled to continue.

To register for classes please fill out the registration form linked at the top of this page.  To guarantee a space in the class please send registration and check at least 2 weeks before class begins. Contact my by email for mailing address

Private lessons are available at $50.00 an hour.

10 thoughts on “Classes

  1. Would love to try some more! Thursday afternoon is fine for me if there is room. We are in a new place and a new time?? Pound Ridge – 1 to 4?
    xox c

  2. Hi Laura,
    Could I possibly come to your Wednesday classes? Are they being held at Lasdon?

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