New York Botanical Gardens ~ Lichen and Mosses

The class at NYBG went well…..nice students with lots of lovely drawings. ย The final drawings are due by August 1st, I’m looking forward to seeing each one =)

Here are some photos of the British Soldier Lichen I took with my iPhone. ย The first one is a direct shot and the last three are shot through the lens of the dissecting microscope. ย If you look closely you can see the tiny mosses at the feet of the lichen. ย This British Soldier Lichen is about 1cm tall….a tiny world…enjoy!

I wish I would have taken photos of my class and students but I didn’t get the brilliant thought until I was half way up the Saw Mill Parkway =(

British Soldier Lichen posing for it’s closeup. The Soldiers showing beautiful red caps and a tiny word of mosses at their feet…amazing little world!

through the scope


Every once in a while you stumble onto something wonderful on the internet. ย While researching mosses for my class at NYBG I did exactly that…I stumbled on an artist named Robert Muma. ย To learn more about this artists and his life please go to his website atย

He created a beautiful series of paintings of tiny mosses….a world so often stepped over……

(click on image once to bring up image and then again to bring up enlargement) =)

Mosses by Robert Muma