Class changes…

Thursday classes are moving to Tuesday for the Fall sessions…please mark you calendars 🙂  We will be meeting at Muscoot Farm from 12:30-3:30.  Classes begin on September 18th.   The Graphite-Color Pencil class is still in my home on Wednesday mornings from 10am-1pm 🙂  Go to “Classes” in menu for further details ….


6 thoughts on “Class changes…

  1. Hi Laura. I sent you a few emails saying I’m interested in the Wednesday class in your home along with 2 of my friends and Lil and her sister. Is this ok? I am away the first wed in October.

    Thanks Marj. Looking forward to returning!

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  2. See you on on oct 25. Always at mascot Correct. Not there 18th. You kippur starts that night. Hope summer has been good. Lynda

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    1. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing about your summer 🙂 Thought of you with all the fires out west and how you would have loved our endless rain 🙂

  3. I got all excited hoping it was your pencil class that was changed. Miss you and drawing.

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