Not one but two Nor’easters!!!!

What a snow….heavy and beautiful…trees snapping as the weight of the snow lays heavy on their branches. What stunning light in the early dawn hours.

No class today…hopefully tomorrow…I will update after I hear from Lasdon and see if they have power and can have the park cleared by then.

Stay warm and safe 🙂

Andrew clearing the car at 5:45!  Off to work….


2 thoughts on “Not one but two Nor’easters!!!!

  1. Hi Laura!

    What a beautiful photo in the early morning hours. I think of you often but I’ve been caught up in the details of my life. And I’m not getting as much done as I used to—more time reading and contemplating so the to-do list just gets longer!

    I hope you are well. I like getting your emails and knowing your classes are still being taught. On of these days I’ll surprise you and myself and we will get out for a walk with the puppies again.



    Sent from my iPhone, hope that explains the lack of punctuation.


  2. Hi we were saved from the first one but I caught a dramatic photo of it just south of Halifax last Friday Morning but we are getting hammered now too! XxxBe safe!! Merrilee Sent from my iPhone


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