Here comes the holidays…ho ho ho!

I have found a space for a four week session at Muscoot Farm in the month of January.  The class will take place on the four Thursdays in January from 10am-1pm.  If you are interested in taking the class please let me know so I can commit to the space.  I need a minimum of 5 students for the class to take place 🙂  Please contact me via email by Monday to let me know if you are attending.  Four Thursday classes in January $175.00. Because this class runs for only one day each week it is not a class that is useful to use your makeups classes.  Everyone is welcome to carry their makeup classes forward to future sessions where there are extra class times to choose from 🙂

wreath snow
Merry Christmas and Joyous Holidays to all! 🎄🎅🏻🎄




4 thoughts on “Here comes the holidays…ho ho ho!

  1. Hi Laura.

    I would like to take the course you write about, the 4 Thursdays in Jan., 10-1 at Muscoot.

    Connie is in the middle of her radiation treatments, and I drive her most days—but she is feeling well and does not think that she will be too fatigued to drive herself on the two days when she will still be going there. It has been quite a fall, dealing with all of our options and decisions. I am sure you understand.

    I am excited about spending time with my art. I have not been giving myself much time for anything…sort of overwhelmed. But I have done a series of garlic related pieces that I began before my own surgery. The hysterical thing is, I worked on one piece the week after my surgery, while I was still on drugs. I was so proud of it. And when I looked at it recently—OMG, it was so “off”—with the light coming from who knows where. Had a lot to fix. I would also like some feedback on these pieces.

    I would be interested in doing lichen again—I just framed and hung the piece I did in your class and I would like to try doing more, especially with the blowup technique that I need to brush up on.

    Let me know if the class will run and if I can give you a check on the first day.

    Happy holidays and a healthy, productive new year.



    1. Glad you’ll be coming to the class 🙂 Please give Connie my best, hope she is recovering well. You both have been through so much! I think I need to see your crazy garlic! Yes you can bring the check on the first day 🙂 Enjoy the holidays!!!!

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