Jump into fear….you might surprise yourself :O)

Where do you feel the most uncomfortable?  For me painting a portrait of my son was the largest fear. What if I did a horrible job?  What if I couldn’t capture his spirit?  What if I tried and failed?  What if I didn’t try?  What if I never tried?

The week of Graham’s birthday I thought I would do a line painting of his image….something simple…not too complicated.  Before I knew it I began putting down touches of paint and little by little Graham’s face started to emerge from the canvas.  Over the next 5 days his image disappeared and reappeared in the paint many times.  The day after his birthday I decided it was finished.

Something  happened by spending so many hours trying to capture his image….the gift was spending time with him….hours and hours of time together…a wonderful gift. We lost Graham in 2003 but his bright spirit continues to be part of our lives.

The lesson is to try and try and try….and if you fail….try again….with each try and with each failure you will grow and you will get closer to your intention.  Someday you may surprise yourself :O)

Graham's birthday portrait 2017