Embracing failure….

As many of you know I have picked up my oil paints after many years of leaving them behind.  Over the last year and a half I decided to revisit my once favorite medium.  I also quite madly decided to do this outside!  I love painting and painting the world that fills my day.  My center of peace is walking my dogs…it clears my head and fills my heart so it is a natural extension to paint the fields that surround me.

After years of working in watercolor and mastering the technique (always working on improvement) this is a whole new world of success and failure. Sometimes I swear I hear my paint tubes mocking me 🙃  I have learned to embrace my failures as much as my successes…they are my teachers.

I have learned that each painting is a stepping stone to the next painting…each painting teaches what not to do on the next painting 😉  If my painting works I feel happiness and if it is a mess I embrace the mess and learn from it…it will help me to be better.  I come to each blank canvas without expectation…I come to learn and to see where it takes me…it is very freeing to enjoy the effort and see where it leads.

Next week classes begin.  I hope that with these lessons I have learned from my own work to help students not to be frustrated that every painting will not be a masterpiece but that each painting gets you closer to what you hope to achieve.  Failure is a wonderful teacher…..take the lesson it offers and move forward ❤️

Early morning at the farm
Hilltop Hanover Farm 


Fall classes at Ward Pound Ridge :O)

We had a wonderful week on Cape Cod….never disappoints 🙂  I hope everyone had a good summer with all it offers.  Now the beautiful crisp days of Autumn are not far away 🍂🍁🍂

Looking forward to classes at Ward Pound Ridge Reserve!  We will meet on Thursdays from 1-4pm and Saturdays from 10-1pm.  Please go to the “Classes” section for details.  Email me at  lauragould@mac.com with any questions.

Please note that there is no Wednesday class this session…classes must have a minimum of 3 students to go forward.

Start thinking about what you want to do….a series….small works….a large involved piece….sky’s the limit 🙂

See you all soon!!!!

Low tide with my family ❤️

New this Fall 🍁👩‍🎨🍁


🍁 New this Fall 🍁  Plein Air painting for beginners, offering private sessions or small groups.  Sessions are weather dependent. We will be painting in the beautiful changing season that surrounds us.  Classes will be offered on Monday and Tuesday mornings. Make your own lesson plan…three in a row, returning to your painting for three mornings or once a week for three weeks…it’s up to you. You will start at the beginning 🙂 learning how to create a composition, mix your paints, how to use your brushes and get started!

Each session is three hours.  The price varies depending on the package chosen.

Single Private Session with easel, paints and canvas supplied – $75.00

Single Private Session with your own equipment and supplies – $50.00

Private three day sessions with paints, easel and canvas supplied $175.00

Private three day sessions with your own supplies $150.00

Semi private group (2-3 people) with equipment supplied $45.00 per session or 125.00 for a group of 3 sessions.

Semi private group (2-3 people) with your own supplies $35.00 per session or $100 for a group of 3 sessions.

Please contact me with any questions:  lauragould@mac,com