When new things happen…..

This summer I have been trying to challenge myself each time I step in front of my easel, either in my studio or outdoors.  One very extraordinary  moment was when I went to a moonlight painting event at Weir Farm guided by Dmitri Wright.  I went in with no expectations but looking for a new opportunity.

What I am doing this summer is to step out of my comfort zone, to be willing to make a mess, to make mistakes, to return home with nothing worth keeping but great lessons learned from each painting.  With each failure I learn what not to do the next time…failure is a great teacher…it is where we grow 🙂

My first moonlight painting makes me extremely happy…it pushed me into deep colors and to paint faster than ever as night set in and colors began to distort…form and light became magical.

Nocturn paintings have a long tradition in plein air and with the impressionists…one we all know very well is “Starry Night” by Van Gogh. Enjoy this great article from Plein Air Magazine on night painting http://www.outdoorpainter.com/is-plein-air-in-moonlight-possible/


My first moonlight painting © laura gould

What! August already?

It’s the last month of summer and I’m making a few promises to myself…paint paint paint  and then paint some more.  Every Wednesday I am painting side by side with mu friend and student Lynda…below is my most recent painting with cows. I think I’m developing  a serious crush on cows!  Last but not least I may try to begin a new accordion nature journal with Weir Farm as my subject.

So now the challenge is to accomplish these promises to myself while walking doggies, doing day to day errands, eating and sleeping!  I’ll let you know how it goes….maybe I’ll get at least half of it done by summer’s end 😉

Enjoy the remaining days of summer…fill them with things you love ❤️


Summer Cows – Small oil painting on panel 8″x 8″