Time to move along :O)

We have had several lovely weeks at Vickie’s garden.  This Thursday we will go to Weir Farm in Ridgefield NY.  Weir Farm is a lovely place dedicated to the arts through it’s history and through it’s continued support of the arts.  We will meet from 10-1pm.  There are gardens, beautiful historic homes and barns and lots of lovely open land. Beautiful old growth trees provide lots of shade.  Go to this link for directions and information.  https://www.nps.gov/wefa/index.htm  A minimum of three people required, please let me know in advance of the class if you are attending.

Thank you Vickie for the use of your beautiful garden and thanks to all who came to fill your journals 🙂

One thought on “Time to move along :O)

  1. Hello Laura, I’m interested in going on Thursday to Weir Farm.  Let me know if will be on. Thanks,Joyce

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