The Grand Opening is almost here…calling all tropical art work :O)

For years the conservatory at Lasdon Arboretum seemed like just a dream.  On June 17th the Conservatory will officially open!  They grounds around the Conservatory are being transformed and everything is coming together 🙂  A percentage of our classes have contributed to the building of the conservatory so we can all be proud!

For information about opening day – 

Please have your tropical botanical paintings delivered to me at Lasdon by the 10th of June so we can have a nice showing in the main house to support the opening of the conservatory.  All pieces must have picture wire for hanging…no brackets allowed.

Only one more week of classes and we transition to summer…see you at Lasdon 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 7.36.19 AM


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