Giclee Prints….why?

So your thinking about showing your art in a show.  One of the hardest things for me as an artist is letting go of my art and never seeing it again….for this reason I did not show for many years.  It is hard to let go of drawings and paintings after investing so much heart and soul into the work.  One way to help the separation anxiety is to have lovely scans done of you work before you sell them.  With a giclee image you can sell prints of your work or give them as gifts, make cards or whatever you want to do with your image.  If I am entering a painting into a show or selling my work online I have a giclee image of the painting so I can continue to enjoy the image and use it as I like.

When you sell a work as an artist you still retain the copyright of that image. The only way anyone can use your image for reproduction is to buy the copyright from you or get permission to use it in a limited way. I have never sold the copyright of any of my images.  By retaining copyright you have the right to use your image as you like and you are protecting you image from every being used by an outside party.

Below are two printers that do beautiful giclee images 🙂

Marc Sarazen has a giclee studio in Ossining, NY. A few of my students use his studio and are very happy with his work.

I use a printer farther north just above Cold Spring, NY.  I started a relationship with them many years ago, they do beautiful work 🙂

3 thoughts on “Giclee Prints….why?

  1. So does Somers Framing on Rte 202. I’ve had many made there.

    Marie L.


  2. Hi Laura,

    The warning light came on in my car indicating that one of my tires is either getting flat, has a nail, etc. I can’t tell what it is and need to bring it to a service station tomorrow morning…so I won’t be able to make it to clas.

    Would you be able to credit the cost for tomorrows class towards my payment fir next session?

    Thanks! Lisa 845-826-3765


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