Wednesday class…time to pay with color :O)

We had a great color workshop in January and I have decided this it is well worth going over with my more advanced students and students who are bringing watercolors.  I’m reposting supplies needed for the first Wednesday class this week  Most of you have these supplies but if your missing some colors required I’m happy to share a squish from my paints.  Be sure to bring several sheets of hot press watercolor paper, 140lb. and a minimum size of 11×14.

Your color list is : Cadmium Red, Quinacridone Rose, Cadmium Yellow, Azo Yellow (or lemon yellow), Phthalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Paynes Grey, Raw Sienna (yellow ochre), and Burnt Sienna.  Please do not by student grade paints the are weak in color and full of fillers.  Favorite brands are M. Graham, Schmincke, Holbein and Windsor Newton (professional grade).  If your buying paints please buy professional grade the cheaper grades are not worth the money 🙂

Bring your watercolor brush size (#6 or #8) along with your other brushes.  A dependable and reasonably priced brush is made by the Princeton Brush Company and they are currently on sale at Dick Blick

If you need a paint box/pallet to organize your paints and mix your colors the Mijello is an easy pallet is to carry in your supply bag.

Mijello Fusion Airtight/Leakproof Palettes



Please bring all your  watercolor supplies.  We will be working with a limited pallet but the exercises we will do can expand to your other colors as well.  Be sure to bring a decent size water container so your water doesn’t get muddy to quickly and paper towels.  A 16oz. plastic deli container works well 🙂 Tiny water contains get dirty quickly and will muddy your colors.

Get ready for some fun!

Please email me with any questions