Class change this week….

Sorry to make a last minute change…the holidays already have my head spinning.  Thursday’s class will be on Friday this week. Thursday is Graham’s birthday…a day Andrew and I celebrate together in his memory.

If anyone in Thursday’s class cannot come on Friday then I will be happy to refund your money.  You are also welcome to join us of Wednesday if that’s a better day.



7 thoughts on “Class change this week….

  1. Good morning Laura

    You and Andrew will be in my thoughts on Thursday. May your love and memories make you feel comforted on these harder days.

    I can not make it on Friday. My sister is coming in from CO for my parents anniversary party. We have a lot of last minute errands to do that day.

    Happy Thanksgiving. See you in a couple of weeks.

    Mary Lynn

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  2. Thank you for your offer for me to attend some of the art classes on Saturday. A few more commitments have come up so I will not b able to attend this session at all. I’ll keep my eye on your next series. Happy thanksgiving ! Jeanne

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