Feeling just a hint of Fall :O)

Thank you all for a lovely summer. Vickie’s garden and Kitchawan Farm gave us so many beautiful summer days.

While walking the dogs at Ward Pound Ridge this morning the doggies and I could see clear hints of Fall 🙂  The tall grasses are showing off colorful seed tops and tiny blossoms…the wild grape vines are changing color.

I welcome the Fall with open arms and look forward to the crisp cool air and brilliant colors everywhere!

See you the end of September ❤️


Boiling hot tomorrow!!!!!!!!

I was painting at Lasdon today….and it was brutal!  I managed to start a painting on one of the lovely old apple trees and look forward to returning and continuing it soon.

Tomorrow is suppose to be even hotter than today, which is hard to imagine.  I’ve decided to cancel class because of the heat and promise of thunderstorms.

We will meet next Wednesday at Kitchawan and then return to Vickie’s gardens the following week.

Stay cool, enjoy some sweet tea and shade 🙂


Apple tree in progress 🙂


Stormy day tomorrow?

Everyone who is planning on coming to the farm tomorrow please check your email in the morning to see if we are on for the day or need to reschedule for Friday.  It looks like it may be a stormy day….but things could always change.  I’ll post an email at 8am to let everyone know if we are going to meet at the farm or not :O)

Fingers crossed that the weather is in our favor 🙂