Classes beginning next week :O)

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week 🙂 Ward Pound Ridge is in full early fall beauty!

For those returning please start looking for subjects that inspire you and bring them to class. For new students just bring your supplies for drawing as seen on the supply list.  Don’t forget we are having classes in the afternoons from 1-4pm on Wednesday and Thursday and 10-1pm on Saturdays. Classes will be held in the Nature Museum. When you arrive at the gate just let them know you are in the class so you can enter without a park fee.

Hope everyone had a great summer….see you soon!

Fields of grasses and Queen Ann's Lace © laura gould
Fields of grasses and Queen Ann’s Lace © laura gould

7 thoughts on “Classes beginning next week :O)

  1. Hi Laura, It’s great to hear from you…I hope you had a good summer. I will be attending the Wednesday class…see you next week. Karen >

  2. Hi Laura. I do plan to return for more drawing I. I must admit I spent the summer outdoors and did not practice my drawing. Looking forward to sharpening my lead and my HEAD! Still figuring out which day fits my schedule. Thanks, Gail Baldaserini

  3. See you on wed the 14 Have friend who wants to do it and can draw but never botanicals. Can she do Wednesday

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      1. oooops…I have 5 new people on Thursday…but your friend can come on Wednesday if she wants to….she may enjoy starting the foundation lessons with the Thursday group. Have her get in touch with me and go to the website for her supply list 🙂

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