Drawing Trees with Dick Rauh-supply list :0)

Lasdon looked so beautiful in the fog this week, a magical day.

lasdon trees in fog
Trees at Lasdon © laura gould



Below is the class description and supply list from Dick Rauh.  Remember checks must be sent to me or given to me in class by May 23rd to attend the workshop.  If you are mailing your check contact me via email for my mailing address. lauragould@mac.com

Drawing Trees – Supply List and Class Description

My approach will be to emphasize an immediate eye-to-hand type of rendering using technical pens on water color blocks using Black Micron 05, 01, 005 and hot press blocks 10”x14” or 12” x 16”.  Other sketchbooks and drawing materials are fine, the advantage of the blocks is their built-in support. 

I also pick the technical pens because they come with their own ink supply- there are now a number of more flexible nib pens available with this feature- be my guest. If you are very unhappy working directly in pen and ink, I will make an exception, but you will miss the tension and excitement that comes from having to make a direct statement. (Believe me there are ways to fudge, even here).  

Bring sketching stools (if you have one), hats, lunch and water.

We will meet in the classroom for a preliminary discussion of tree architecture, and generally, what to look for: ie the differences in the branching patterns of common local trees, the masses of leaf forms defined by light and shade, etc. I will try to help you apply these observational and sketching techniques to the broader field of nature sketching. I will provide you with information about some of the materials and books available to get you started on this useful and rewarding practice. The use of contour drawing technique will be explained, and its application to the sketching of natural forms. We will attempt to complete at least one drawing of a tree in pen and ink. 

Look forward to sketching with you.

Dick Rauh

Spring is here?

Spring is trying it’s best but winter is holding tight!  Looking forward to the tiny spring bulbs pushing up through the ground.  One of my favorite early spring bulbs that rises out of the leafy matter of the forest floor is the Trout Lily.  This little flower takes 7 years to create it’s first bloom.  If your ever lucky enough to see them carpeting the forest floor with their spotty leaves and tiny blossom don’t pick them…just admire this tiny protected flower :O)

trout lilly jpeg