Where have all the Sable Brushes gone….?

As many of my students know I stopped using sable brushes long ago.  I began to question how the sable hair was acquired and never received a satisfactory answer.   I became uncomfortable with the product.  I found the new synthetic watercolor brushes to handle beautifully so I happily stopped purchasing any animal hair brushes of any sort.

Below is a great link about he fur trade and Kolinsky Sable brushes….why they are getting hard to find and why we should consider alternative brushes that give a wonderful effect without effecting wildlife. :O)

Where Have All the Kolinsky Sable Brushes Gone?.

New Session Begins in November

The next six week session begins in the first week of November. ¬†For details see the “Classes” section at the top of the web page. ¬†The Saturday session will be 5 weeks and priced accordingly.

For those of you who haven’t seen Ben and Devy for a while…here they are having a nap in a rare moment of quiet :O)

sleepy heads

sleepy heads