Winter…it is time to go…..

The early Spring session begins next week…hoping that winter releases it’s icy grip soon.  The bulbs will begin to peek through the frozen ground.  The skunk cabbage will thaw the forest floor….the snowdrops, daffy-dillies and and tulips will soon be here.  I do love the winter but this winter has tested us all…we all are looking forward to the warm sunshine of Spring!  :O)

Spring Sessions (6 week sessions $250.00)

Mid Spring – WEDNESDAY SESSIONS – MARCH 12th –  APRIL 16th  
Late Spring – WEDNESDAY APRIL 23rd  –  MAY 28th


Mid Spring – THURSDAY SESSIONS – MARCH 13th – APRIL 17th 

Late Spring – THURSDAY APRIL  24th  –  MAY 29th


Mid Spring – SATURDAY SESSIONS  – MARCH 15th – APRIL 19th 

Late Spring – SATURDAY APRIL 26TH  –  MAY 31ST

2 thoughts on “Winter…it is time to go…..

  1. Laura,

    I am debating between the Saturday class and the week day class which would be a fit for me. Is Thursday or Wed the one you think I might best fit?

    Hoping to register for a class this time around and, if not, next round for suren.


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