Snow, snow, snow!!!!!!

Clearly no class today…stay home, stay warm….the snow seems to be endless…….

Some good news that has nothing to do with being snowed in…. I have been offered the use of the WPA Gallery at Pound Ridge Nature Reserve next December for a student show.  We will have an opening reception and have a great venue to show your lovely drawings and paintings!  I’m very happy to have a place for our winter show once more!  In the spring we will have a spring show at Lasdon that will be open to the public as well.  So start thinking of pieces you would like to put in the spring show :O) (no date yet…sometime in May).

Come on spring…..February can’t last forever…can it?

Peony bud, watercolor and graphite
Peony bud, watercolor and graphite

May be more snow coming……

This winter seems endless…and now another storm may be coming through on Thursday.  Any of you who would like to come on Wednesday are welcome to…and for those that can’t we may be able to use Friday as a backup date.  Please check future emails for any updates…

This winter is holding on as tight as it can!

Be warned!

NO parking up at the house today…there is too much snow :O(  We all have to park in the lower lot…so pack lightly and dress warmly :O)  For anyone that cannot manage the walk  you may want to come on Saturday….I will happily give credit or adjust cost to anyone who cannot make up the class.  Be warm and safe!