Finally sun!

We made it to the farm this past Tuesday and will be going again this coming Tuesday (June 25th from 9-noon).  After this Tuesday we will go back to every other Tuesday.  Linsay has kindly offered to allow people to stay and draw as long as they like after the class has finished….so if you think you want to make more of a day of it bring some lunch :O)

The farm is already bursting with lovely veggies and flowers…a little piece of heaven.


Garlic scapes


Roses and clematis boarder the garden gate


Manx kitty hunting on top of rock




A great use for a rusty wheelbarrow


Veggies and blossoms a little piece of heaven

2 thoughts on “Finally sun!

  1. Hi, I was thinking of joining you tomorrow at Kichewan, but I have never been, can you give me directions? Does it start at 9:30? It’s my birthday and I want to sit outside and draw so I hope you will all be there! Thanks, Linda

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