Pound Ridge has power!!!

Anyone feel like having a class on Saturday! =o) Come shake off your color pencils and watercolors!

We will have a class from 10-1pm this coming Saturday, Nov. 10th.  This will be part of the past session….so the Saturday people get a bit of a break and only have to miss one class because of the hurricane.

When we return to Lasdon next week we will begin the 5 week session that will take us all to Christmas.

Anyone else from the weekday classes who would like to join us on Saturday please come!!!!! :O)



Some words of inspiration…..

Here’s some inspiring words from Ralph Waldo Emerson….

In the beginning .. you know –
when you start something with enthusiasm and vigour, only to realise – it takes a lot of hard work and energy to create results. 
Every artwork, every photo, every song, every book – begins with an creative imagination and an idea.
It’s the execution which takes hard work and skill … and constant learning. 
Today has been a day wrought with mistakes – but in that place I hope, is learning. 
I am a work in progress…“Every artist was first an amateur.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Here comes the N’or easter…..stay warm and safe…see you all next week!