Nature Journaling

Maddi and Vickie have very kindly offered their gardens this summer.  Maddi is offering her garden on Thursday, June 7th from 10-1pm.  Vickie is offering her garden on Saturday, June 9th from 9:30-12:30.  If you plan to attend and need either address please contact me via email and I will send you the addresses =)

I will also be announcing a date in August at Kitchewan Farm when the farm is in full bloom =)

Workshops are $30.00 paid on the day of the event

Supplies for Nature Journaling are simple.

Supply Lists


Back pack or bag to carry supplies.

Journal 9×11 or 9×5 journals or in this general size, these journals can be bought at any art store.  Paper should be acid free with heavier paper that accepts watercolor this will allow you more freedom to apply color.

Fine tip marker (micron .005-.01 are my favorite) there are many fine tips on the market, make sure they are permanent ink.

Ninji Watercolor Brush great for the field if your using watercolor.  Great for the field 🙂

Bring drinking water .


Camp stool and a hat to shade from sun.

Pencils (preferably a HB and or a 2H)and erasers if you want to work in graphite.

A small selection of color pencils or watercolor pencils if you want to introduce colors into your studies. A water brush if you would like to create washes or bring a brush and small container of water.

Small clear ruler to add to notes about size of your subject.

A magnifying  glass to see details or a loop.

Above all come ready to enjoy your day =)

One thought on “Nature Journaling

  1. Laura
    I have no idea where either maddie or vicki live. I am going to try and get to one if not both of the journal sessions. Please send me directions.

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