Lots of challenges and some painting too :)

Summer Cherries

I began the summer break by teaching a watercolor workshop. It was lots of fun and put me back in the mood for my own watercolors =) I finished an iris, some cherries that were begging to be painted (seen above) and a large apple blossom branch that I had been looking forward to painting for many years.

I have been posting them on my regular website http://www.jizogarden.wordpress.com.

I have been putting a fresh coat of paint on our deck. Andrew spent a several weekends repairing the deck and now itโ€™s starting to look pretty good. It really needed some TLC. Andrew has turned into quite the gardener….as well as fixing things that always need fixing in our wee home =)

My health threw me another new curve ball. It seems that my heart muscle was weakened during my surgeries that I had this past winter…..so Iโ€™m looking forward to getting stronger over the next several months with the help of my cardiologist = ( and yes Iโ€™m annoyed!

Andrew, Smudge and I are looking forward to going to The Cape….enjoying the National Seashore and all our favorite places, good seafood, and sketching =)

Enjoy these last days of summer….Iโ€™ll see you soon =)

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