Tan Tan Bo by Murakami

Andrew and I went to see the Murakami exhibit at The Brooklyn Museum on July 5th. What a fantastic show! I will warn those of you who may attend that there are a few statues that are pretty racy….ok very racy….maybe think twice about taking young children (which is shame because so much of the exhibit is fantastic for children!)

Here is a wonderful website where you can get a preview of the artists work and his views on his creations =)


He is an artist very much in the Pop Art tradition with a strong dose of his Japanese culture. His work reflects the bright flat style of the Japanese toys and games. He also allows us to see a more emotional side in his images that call back to the deep sadness of Hiroshima.

It is closing next weekend, Sunday July 13th, 2008.

If your looking for a place to hide from the heat and see art of different color you may enjoy this exhibit. There are also plenty of funny fanciful botanicals in his work from a very different perspective =)

We drove over the Brooklyn Bridge and came up the East River to come home…we could see all four Water Falls from the bridge and under the bridge as we hooked around to the FDR Drive! I look forward to seeing them again when we have more time. It looks like you could see all the Falls from the pedestrian walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and South Street Seaport.

Enjoy your Summer!

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