Do you have a minute to walk before or after class this week?

No matter what subject you are drawing at the moment a walk on the Magnolia Path at Lasdon is wonderful right now. The trees are changing fast and all the blossoms are destine to be scattered on the ground soon. I took a following photos this past Sunday morning…as you see the variety is spectacular.

So before or after class go see the magnolias… next week all the blossoms will be gone.

The lilacs are also beginning to bud and bloom as well as the apple trees.

Enjoy your walk =)

Summer reading

Not exactly a blog about botanical art but a thought about how to do something for our planet while having a summer read under the shade of a tree or just passing a summer day. The NY Times Book Review had a full page add from Penguin Classics and the Nature Conservancy who have joined hands to plant a billion trees, you can read more about it on the following link. There are many classic books to choose from, I trust all these books are printed on recycled paper! =o)