They’re back…Ho ho ho *<{:o)

Many of you will remember “The Nature Set” by Faber-Castell. The set was discontinued for some time but I just received an email from and they are back in stock. =)

This is a very nice little set of beautiful colors….so if any of you are still making your wish list for the holidays and you can never get enough color pencils….these are for you =) See information

Item# 438 140 008

Your Price: $10.95  

In Stock: Yes 

Product Description 

Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Aquarelle Pencils Nature Set helps you capture the subtle shades of the outdoors. This collection of water-soluble pencils contains: gold ochre, brown ochre, bistre, Van Dyck brown, sepia light, dark sepia, sanguine, Venetian red, olive green, cedar green, juniper green and grey green. Save 56% off list.

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