Above you will see a tissue contour drawing of a sunflower I did last year and a nearly finished drawing. I will bring these examples to class next week. I meant to have them with me this Tuesday but in my effort to organize myself I put the drawings in the wrong bag =(

Tuesday we began with a burst of color…….I hope you weren’t too overwhelmed. Please remember as you meditate on your sunflowers that you can approach them in any way that suites you….anything from a finished graphite drawing to color pencil to a study page to something as simple as color studies of petals, leaves, etc.

Once you have a detailed and complete drawing of your subject, no matter how simple or complex your subject is, you can proceed with any method you like….a graphite drawing, or a color pencil drawing. Always keep your contour drawings for future use. You never know when you may like to use your subject again…. someday you may want to do your sunflower in watercolor =)

Hi Saturday class =) I look forward to seeing you in a couple of days!

Enjoy this beautiful weather everyone =)

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