Fall Schedule

You will find the new Fall schedule posted at :

registration form at :

There are several changes to the class schedule that Cori and I hope each of you will all find helpful and interesting =)

First the class hours have been changed slightly, morning sessions begin at 9:15am and afternoon sessions begin at 12:30pm. Afternoon classes will be over at 3:30. The Saturday class will still begin at 9:30am.

There are 4 drawing sessions now. Each session is 7 weeks and each session should be completed to move smoothly into the next session. Students that have finished Drawing 1 & 2 can move on to the more advanced Drawing 3 & 4. After completing drawing 1 & 2 you may also begin to take Color Pencil 1 and/or Watercolor 1.

Many of you who want to increase your drawing techniques as well as expand your work towards color should find this new lineup helpful. Cori and I hope that with this new schedule you will find choices that will allow you to expand your botanical experience in a way that suits you best and creates a full experience for each of you.

We are going to offer some great workshops too! Some wonderful visiting instructors will be coming to share their knowledge……each one should be a real treat! =)

Please feel free to email me or Cori with any questions.

Enjoy your summer!


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