Highstead Arboretum in Redding

The show on butterflies and moths will be over after June 22nd. It’s a beautiful show and worth the drive to Redding. For those that would like to see the show go to the website for the gallery hours, directions and where to call for a viewing appointment…not too many viewing days left.


This is the last week of classes until September. For those of you who have pieces hanging in the art show be sure to take them home with you this week.

There will be Open Studio available every Wednesday from 9:30-3:30 for the months of July and August. You are responsible for setting up your work area and for putting everything away when you finish. There is no charge for the use of the room. It’s nice opportunity to work on your drawings or paintings with friends…..and a good place to sneak away to for a little peace 😉

I’ll be posting Nature Journaling outings soon…….

For those that I don’t see this week and for those that I do see……have a wonderful summer =)

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