Many of you are drawing the artichoke, I thought you would enjoy seeing the artichoke on the plant and in flower. This plant stands about 4-5ft tall. The mature leaves are long, 12” or more in length. You can see the beautiful thistle like bloom that emerges from the top if the scales. When you buy them in the grocery store they have been harvested from the plant before the flower emerges. Artichoke farmers do not allow the plant to bloom as it drains lots of energy from the plant.

I believe this is the Cardoon Artichoke which is a European relative of the Globe Artichoke that we find in our markets, I have to go see it again and check my facts =)

I photographed this plant at the NY Botanical Gardens about
2 years ago. It is always a wonderful sight to see in the perennial garden at the entrance of the glass atrium. If you go to the NYBG take a stroll through the perennial gardens and find the artichoke….you will see it’s an amazing plant.

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