Some nice web sites =)

The American Society of Botanical Artists is a wonderful resource for all sorts of information. The newest newsletter has many nice articles… that is especially fun comes form the Cyber Corner. Here are some links that you might enjoy =)

The site for The Americaln Society of Botanical Artists is:

The members gallery is wonderful….anyone can join this organization. It’s a great place to find current information helpful articles and wonderful tributes. There is a tribute to Anne Ophelia Todd Dowden….an artist that passed away this year……her art and her contributions to botanical art will always be part of the story of botanical art.


Class information: The second Saturday session begins on March 10th. This is a 4 week session at $125.00. These sessions will run back to back to mid June.

The next 7 week Color Pencil II class on Tuesdays and Drawing I class on Wednesdays will begin on March 20th and 21st. There will be two more 7 week sessions available through June 19 and 20th.

We take a break from regular classes from mid June through September. I will be offering some nature journaling classes this Spring and one or two workshops in the summer. I’ll keep you all posted with upcoming dates.

That’s it for now….see you all later this week =)


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