Botanical Drawing and Nature Journaling

Something new for me….a blog =)

I will come here frequently to update class schedules, workshops and nature journaling outings.

My current winter schedule is as follows:

Tuesday 9:30-12:30 – Color Pencil ll
Wednesday 9:30-12:30 – Drawing l
Saturday morning 9:30-12:30 – Drawing l

Tuesday and Wednesday classes run in 7 week sessions at $225.00 per session.
Saturday classes run in 4 week sessions at $125.00 per session.

Drawing l on Wednesday is currently full. A new class will begin in the Fall.

Color Pencil ll begins a new session on March 20th, any previous class members are welcome to join in.

Drawing l on Saturday mornings begins a new 4 week session on March 10th.

I have also begun to consider Nature Journaling locations and dates. As soon as I come up with a schedule I’ll let you all know. =)

Any questions please feel free to call me at 914-248-8219 or email me at

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