The foundation is almost finished :O)

The conservatory work is marching on at Lasdon Arboretum.  The foundation is in it’s final stages and the construction it’s on track for being up and running  in the late Fall:)  Here’s a digital mock up what we will see upon completion.  More information at

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 7.36.19 AM

Mixing browns :O)

Nice video on mixing browns… our classes we use glazes mostly to retain light and translucency in the painting but sometimes you just need a brown. This is a great little video about making your own:)

Hoping the rains clear…

Tomorrow will be another day in Vickie’s gardens.  The weather is a bit touch and go right now so please email today if your coming and I will add you to a text update in the morning.  If the weather cooperates we will meet at 10am…it we need to push it back a bit we will slightly later in the morning.

Email me if you coming.  Fingers crossed:)

First week of Summer :O)

Tomorrow is our fist day to enjoy drawing and painting in Vickie’s lovely gardens.

If you plan on joining us please email me for the address…we will be meeting form 10-1pm

Happy Summer!!!!

Version 2

My garden gate, small oil painting almost finished…….

Ready, set, go :O)

Time for Nature Journaling!!!!!  This year we are going to do a few locations.  We will begin next Wednesday on June 22nd.  The first 2-4 weeks we will meet at Vickie’s beautiful  home in Bedford Hills.  She has been so gracious to offer her lovely grounds to us for drawing, painting, color pencil, pen and ink, or pastel…choose your medium :) Her property has so much to offer, such a beautiful place to spend long slow mornings…we will have so many inspiring subjects; formal gardens, a reflecting pool, amazing trees and shady passages from one garden to the other.

I may also offer a plein air painting demonstration for you to observe and possibly consider expanding your own experience to working outside in the future :)  Still not sure I have the courage to have you all looking over my shoulder😉

Please email me for directions to Vickie’s home before Tuesday of next week at

Sessions will be on Wednesdays from 10-1pm. Rain date on Thursdays. $15 per session.

Thank you Vickie!!!!!!!!!!!  Cant wait to spend time in your enchanted garden ❤️

Click on images for more detail….


It’s happening!!!!!!


The foundation for the conservatory has begun!  It has been 10 years of fundraisers, donations and efforts by Lasdon to bring a conservatory to our beautiful park. The photo  looks small but it’s not…it’s going to be so beautiful and it sits perfectly into it’s setting.  Every class I teach at Lasdon Arboretum helps to bring this dream come true….so thanks to all the students that have come to my classes over the years, you have helped make this come true with a percentage of your fees going to building fund for this wonderful structure.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 1.16.48 PM

Should be finished by this Fall….Yeah!!!!!