We’re having an art show! :O)

Time to get your favorite drawings and paintings together for our art show at Ward Pound Ridge Reserve. We will be showing in the main white house at the entrance to the nature reserve.

So start thinking about what you would like to present in the show and if you would like to sell any of your work :)  Deadline for dropping of your paintings is November 2nd and 3rd, all art work must be properly prepared and ready to hang. Please attach your name, subject, medium used and price securely on the back of each art work. This is a great opportunity for your work to be seen by a broad audience :O)

Reception will be from 1-4pm on Saturday, November 7th :)  Please spread the word to friends and family to come and enjoy the day with us!

Any questions about your art work or the reception please email me at lauragould@mac.com

Art Students' Exhibition Poster

Classes beginning next week :O)

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week :) Ward Pound Ridge is in full early fall beauty!

For those returning please start looking for subjects that inspire you and bring them to class. For new students just bring your supplies for drawing as seen on the supply list.  Don’t forget we are having classes in the afternoons from 1-4pm on Wednesday and Thursday and 10-1pm on Saturdays. Classes will be held in the Nature Museum. When you arrive at the gate just let them know you are in the class so you can enter without a park fee.

Hope everyone had a great summer….see you soon!

Fields of grasses and Queen Ann's Lace © laura gould

Fields of grasses and Queen Ann’s Lace © laura gould

Yeah!!!!!!! A date for Dick Rauh’s Tree Workshop :O)

Finally there is a new workshop date with Dick Rauh this coming Spring.  The new date is May 21st from 10am-3pm.  Sorry that there has been such a long delay.  Dick life is back in order but he is sharing his time between teaching at NYBG and spending time with his wife in Florida.  He has been booked for weekend classes at The New York Botanical Gardens far in advance but he will be all ours in the Spring.

For those of you who cannot do the workshop after such a long delay I understand and will happily refund you payment of $50.00.  You can email me with your mailing address at lauragould@mac.com  For those of you who are still joining us it will be worth the wait :)

If any of my students are interested in a drawing table please let me know.  Our friend Sue is moving to Florida and is letting her drawing table go.  Please email me if your interested.

Dick Rauh

Dick Rauh

How to order from Kitchawan Farm..updated :)

Many of you have asked how to buy food from Kitchawan….here’s the information you will need to make orders!  On this link you will find what plants, veggies, herbs etc. are available for purchase at Kitchawan. There is a phone number at the top of the page where you can place your order a day in advance of pick-up.  If you want anything on the list on the day we have class be sure to put in your order the day before you come to the farm. It will then be ready for purchase in the stuga on the day you come to the farm.  Sign up for her email updates on the following site so you will know what’s new at the farm :)

For more information go to this link: http://backtothegarden.kitchawanfarm.com/Back_to_the_Garden/Garlic_%26_Produce.html 


To place orders for pick-up at the farm call Linsay at 914/602-6011IMG_4632

Back to the farm :O)

Kitchawan is beckoning. We will be going to the farm on Wednesday mornings this summer from July 22nd thru August 26th, meeting from 9:30-12:30. That gives us 6 lovely weeks of drawing at the farm :)   This year I will be offering accordion books.  Please let me know if you want one and I will have it made up for you. Accordion books will be $10.00. We will discuss possible ways to create a story through page layouts and how to have a finished book of your summer at the farm.  You are welcome to make your own accordion book or draw in your journals or sketch pads…..as always the goal is to enjoy yourselves.  Choose your own medium….micron pens, watercolor, color pencils, pastels whatever you enjoy.

Cost will be $75.00 for six classes or $15.00 individual classes (pay as you go).

Contact me at lauragould@mac.com if you want an accordion book for you or if you have any questions.

Looking forward to seeing you there :)